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January 22


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Pokéwars 2

Date: 29 of January 2015, exactly two year after mewtwo was defeated by mew, his brother.

"C'mon, we've got to hurry up" said a  female voice in the shadows. "Are you sure he's even here? He could  be somewhere else" said another voice which was male"i'm positive" said the female as they reached a large metel door "he's just in here" she said as she broke down the door and at the other side of the room was a large glass container with a mewtwo floating inside a weird liquid which kept him alive "I told you" said the female as they turned on the lights in the room to reveal a male lucario and female serperior. "I told you meg, he was here the whole time " said the lucario " I geuss you were right Jacob, sorry for doubting you" meg said as they pushed a button which makes the container drain and open. "You'll heave to carry him Jacob "meg said as Jacob picked mewtwo up. Suddenly alarms went off "we have to go now!" Meg said "I'm on it" Jacob said as they disappeared.

They reappeared in a large and old house "you found him...."a human said".....mewtwo" he continued "it wasn't easy ya know" meg said "we should we do now?" Jacob asked" we wait until he wakes up" the male human said "how long will that be?" Meg asked "who knows" the human said as he walked into another room.

A few hours later mewtwo woke up and looked around. He was in a bed and he has a really bad headache. He slowly sits up and says in his head "where am I?" He looks at himself and for some reason, he can't remember much. He gets up and explores the house. "He's awake!" Said meg as mewtwo quickly looked at her "who are you!?" Mewtwo asked mostly from fear "my names meg, you've been asleep for a long time" meg said "do you remember who you are?" Meg asked " names Tyler....I think" Tyler said as he sat down "good" meg said. "Mewtwo you've awoken" said Jacob in his human form. His eyes widen upon seeing Jacob "Jacob!" Tyler said as he got up and floated over to him "I'm glad you remember me" Jacob said as he smiled "there is someone I would like you to meet" Jacob said "who?" Tyler asked "me" the other human said as he walked over to Tyler "you.....I-I remember you...." Tyler said "my trainer...." "Very good Tyler, I'm glad you can remember me" the human said "but do you remember my name?" "N-no...." Tyler said as he sighed "it's nick" nick said as he petted Tyler's shoulder "it's good to see you Again Tyler"nick said. Suddenly Tyler's eyes widen as he stood up "I remember! Mew! The palace! My failure....." Tyler said as he felt sad "I failed them" "you tried your best Tyler" Jacob said "are they alive?" Tyler asked "not sure, after you got defeated we all went our different ways" Jacob said you should rest now Tyler " said nick "you've still got to recover from waking up" "you're right nick" Tyler said as he went to the bed he woke up in.

"When should we tell him?" Meg asked "when he gets accustomed to this world "nick said "what if he doesn't accept it and goes gets really angry or upset?" Jacob asked "only time will tell Jacob" nick said as they went to bed to sleep.

The next morning Tyler woke up and now he doesn't have a headache any more so he gets up and looms for the kitchen. Eventually he finds it but had difficulty making breakfast. Soon he finally makes something and begins to eat.  Later everyone else woke up and had breakfast. Tyler was trying to watch tv but all there was was static "morning Tyler" Jacob said as he walked over to him "how are you this morning?" I feel a lot better "Tyler replied"I have one is the war with Pokemon and humans?" "I'm afraid it's STILL going on...but it looks like Pokemon are going to win the war" Jacob replied "oh..." Tyler said as he sighed "how long was I gone?" Tyler asked "about two years" "two years!?" Tyler said in shock" I was asleep for two years!?" "Yes" Jacob said.tyler gets up and was about to teleport but Jacob stopped him "wait, you don't have enough energy to go out yet" Jacob said

Later Tyler went over to nick "nick, I have a did you and Jacob and meg meet?  It seems odd that a Pokemon will live with a human" "I'll tell you, you better sit down cause it may take awhile" nick said as Tyler sat down and listened

~one year ago~

Nick woke up in a old house by the sound of howling, scared nick looked out the window to see a large lucario walk over to the house and before he could do anything the lucario teleported nick and paralysed him. Nick cried as the lucario picked him up "please don't hurt me" nick said as the lucario shoves his head into his mouth. Since nick was paralysed he couldn't struggle so he accepted his fate as the lucario reaches his waist. Soon nick was in the lucarios empty stomach. Nick was expecting to be greeted with acids when he entered the stomach but none was visable "huh?" Mark said as the paralysing wore off "no acid?" "Yep" the lucario said " why?" Nick asked "because I'm not a full lucario, I can turn Into a human " lucario said "how?" "Trust's a long story the lucario said  "what's your name? Mines Jacob " mines nick, thank you for not killing me" "no problem nick, now i'm going for a nap, so be quiet" "alright Jacob...good night" and soon nick was asleep and so was Jacob.


" and that's how I met Jacob, then when he let me out he was already with meg" nick said "alright, thank you nick" Tyler said as he got up and looked for meg. He soon found her coiled around a pole "meg, I have something to ask you" Tyler said "what is it?" "How did you and jacob meet?" Tyler asked "I'll tell you"

~ one year ago~

"I hope I can find some prey empty belly can't take it anymore " meg said as she looked for food but she found none, she looked until she found a lucario asleep in a tree "perfect" meg said as she slithers over to the lucario. She coils around him and the lucario wakes up "huh!?" "I caught a lucario~!" Meg said as she giggled to herself then suddenly he disappear and reappeared on top of her "o really now?" Lucario said as he laughed "fight me then if I lose I'll let you eat me . But if I when, I get to de-evolve you" "deal"' meg said as she went to the forest floor"my names Jacob what's yours?" Mines meg, nice name Jacob" Jacob smiled and uses arua sphere on meg but it does nothing to her "what the" Jacob said as he used close combat, every attack hit but meg didn't seem hurt. Meg used leaf storm which defeated Jacob in one hit. "I win" meg said as she picked up Jacob with her vines. He sighs "a deals a deal" Jacob said as meg lowered his back paws Into her maw. Meg murrs from Jacobs taste and starts to quickly swallow him. Jacob doesn't move or struggle as meg devoured him whole. Soon Jacob was pushed Into meg's stomach "don't worry Jacob, I won't kill you " "good to know" Jacob said "want to be friends?" Meg asked "I will if you tell me why my attacks  didn't  hurt you" "alright....I have invincible scales" meg said. "That's amazing" Jacob said "it is" meg said as she coiled up. "I'm gunna take a nap" alright, have a good sleep meg" you too Jacob" and soon they both fell asleep.  


".... And that's how I meet Jacob "meg said "Alright, thank you" Tyler said as he walked off. Tyler walked over to the front door and was about to open it "I wonder what's changed while I was gone" Tyler said as he opened the door only to see.....
Hello everyone this is your fully black serpent here and I'm and really happy to be making a second pokewar series which takes place after the first one, now I hope to make this series long and I will write parts to it so enjoy!

See errors? Please tell me, it will help me to improve my skills

Haters/trolls will meet a quick demise by my tail and/ or fangs >:3